Cookie Policy

  1. Introduction

Your privacy is extremely important to us.

With this objective always present in everything we do, we have prepared this Cookie Policy so that you can find out what cookies we use on the Parfois' digital platforms, for how long, for what purpose and how you can manage them.

This Cookies Policy is part of our privacy policy, which you can read here

This Cookies Policy aims to inform you, as a user of our digital platforms, that we use cookies in order to offer you an optimal browsing experience that is smooth and tailored to your needs.

  1. What are cookies?

A cookie is a small text file placed on your computer or mobile device by your internet browser during a visit to a digital platform for the purposes of storing, retrieving or updating data.

Cookies allow the digital platform to record the user's browsing habits in order to offer you optimised and personalised browsing according to your preferences.

Cookies may collect the following data from users: IP address, browser type, device type, location, language, operating system, user ID and browsing history.

  1. What kind of cookies do we use on the Parfois website?

The Parfois website uses several types of cookies. As for duration, we use cookies of two types:

  • Session cookies: are temporary cookies that remain stored in the browser until the user leaves the website, so that no record is left on the user's hard drive. The information collected by these cookies is used to analyse website traffic patterns, which allows us to improve the content and navigability of the website.
  • Permanent cookies: these cookies are stored in your browser and are used when you return to our website.

  1. Functions of the cookies used by Parfois:

  • Cookies required: These cookies are necessary for the proper operation of the website, allowing correct navigation and the functioning of the applications that form the website.
  • Functional cookies: functional cookies allow websites to remember the preferences and choices a user makes on the website, including username, region and language, in order to personalise the website and improve the browsing experience.
  • Analytical cookies: These allow us to perform a statistical analysis of how users use the website. We examine browsing on our website in order to improve the services we make available to you.
  • Advertising cookies: They target advertising according to the interests of each user, so as to tailor advertising and marketing campaigns to users' interests, helping to measure the effectiveness of advertising and the success of the website.

  1. Access to Cookies

Parfois uses its own cookies, i.e., cookies installed by us, as well as, third-party cookies that are installed and managed by third parties, so these third parties may have access to the data collected by such cookies.

  1. List of existing cookies on the Parfois website






  1. Can I disable the use of cookies?

At any time, you can manage your cookie preferences either by disabling them in your browser or here on the website

Rejecting the use of cookies on the Parfois website may limit or make it impossible to access some areas and/or content, or limit the receipt of personalised information.

Changing your settings or disabling the use of cookies will require you to follow the instructions provided by your internet browser or device (usually located under "Settings" or "Preferences").

Below we have listed some useful links regarding different internet browsers:


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  1. Questions and Clarifications

Should you have any questions about the management of cookies on the Parfois website, you can contact the Parfois Data Protection Officer at

  1. Cookie Policy Review

Parfois may review this Cookie Policy and make changes to it whenever it deems it necessary or whenever they are required, and all users are advised to refer to it periodically.

If this happens, the version will be updated and these changes will become an integral part of the Policy.